Arrest Warrant Bogus; Frantic Effort to Fabricate Evidence by Buhari Administration

The following is a statement from P&ID:

“The Nigerian Government’s decision to issue an arrest warrant and seek the extradition of Adam Quinn, the son of P&ID’s co-founder is a pitiful and desperate attempt by AG Malami and the EFCC to prop up their sham-fraud case against P&ID.

“The claims of fraud presented personally by AG Malami before the English Court are built on a foundation of sand, including fabricated evidence, illegal detentions, coercion of witnesses, threats to family members, and forced confessions. All of this EFCC activity is in violation of Nigerian law and shows total disregard for fundamental international human rights. It will fall apart under any reasonable level of legal scrutiny.

“The Buhari Administration now wishes to request extradition from relevant European authorities. This is a desperate ploy by Nigeria to evade a legal judgement and distract from the escalating blame-game in Abuja. Any application to INTERPOL would be more of the same: an abuse of the organs of state power by President Buhari and AG Malami to threaten, detain, charge and jail innocent individuals linked to P&ID. These applications, along with the rest of the illegitimate EFCC sham investigation, should be comprehensively rejected by all who believe in the rule of law and the application of fundamental human rights.”