Buhari Administration’s INTERPOL Request a Farce

The following is a statement from P&ID:

“The Buhari Administration’s purported plan to apply for an INTERPOL Red Notice against individuals linked to P&ID is a desperate and pathetic effort to stave off the almost $10 billion arbitration award owed to P&ID.

“The Buhari Administration’s Red Notice request is a total abuse of the INTERPOL system and should be rejected. There is zero basis in fact or law for the Buhari Administration’s action: this is purely a political ploy in Nigeria’s campaign to evade a legal judgement.

“The Buhari Administration’s request is founded solely on a totally unlawful and politically-motivated investigation that has fabricated evidence, coerced confessions, ignored due process, and has been conducted with blatant disregard for fundamental human rights.

“The Nigerian Government’s allegations have been consistently rejected in Court: as a result, they are resorting to threats, bullying and legal nihilism. The application to INTERPOL is just more of the same: the use of violence and the organs of state power to threaten, detain, charge and jail innocent individuals linked to P&ID.”

Background: The INTERPOL Red Notice procedure is a mechanism to assist law enforcement agencies apprehend and prosecute criminals across international borders.  The procedure is not to be used for political point scoring, advancing a political agenda or to assist countries from avoiding their lawful obligations.