P&ID is a “shadowy”, and “fake” “shell company” that made a “fraudulent arrangement” that is “totally skewed against Nigeria” and was done without the “input or knowledge” of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the International Oil Companies (IOCs) supplying the gas.

P&ID is a sole purpose company founded in 2006 by Michael Quinn and Brendan Cahill, who have a long track-record of successful public works projects in Nigeria. Moreover, the agreement P&ID had with the Nigerian government is well-documented and provided … Read More

Nigeria should not be compelled to pay such a large sum as a developing country, which could impact the government’s spending on domestic priorities.

Developing countries require investment in order to grow; investors, in turn, require protection for their capital. If the rule of law in developing countries is weak enough to permit those countries to disregard their contracts, investors will be less willing … Read More