ICYMI: Malami’s Plot To Hang Fraud Case On Late Dr Lukman Exposed

In case you missed it, Nigeria’s Daily Independent published a story on AG Malami’s plot to hang the fraud case against P&ID on the late Minister of Petroleum Resources, Dr Rilwanu Lukman.

Key highlights from the story:

  • In a document made available to Daily Independent, P&ID accused Malami of indulging in desperation in an effort to shift blame from the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, including himself, even when he had sworn under oath in his fourth and fifth witness statement to the English Courts, noting that Malami was accusing a globally-respected Dr Lukman of corruption in the P&ID deal.”  The document pointed to Malami accusing Dr Lukman “with no evidence” of corrupt activity related to the signing of the contract between the Nigerian government and P&ID. 
  • The reality, according to the document, is that the P&ID project originated from Dr Lukman’s vision to electrify Nigeria by leveraging the country’s abundant supply of natural gas while he was Minister of Petroleum Resources. 
  • But, unfortunately, ‘Mala­mi has attacked a deceased person who is unable to defend himself against this sinister and unsubstantiated attempt to smear his reputa­tion,’ the document stated.

Read the full Daily Independent story, here.