In Case You Missed It: Biz Watch Nigeria Highlights P&ID

In case you missed it, Biz Watch Nigeria published a story, Meet Quinn and Cahill: The Two Men Behind The Company That Got A $9 Billion Court Judgment Against Nigeria,” profiling the business adventures, successes and challenges facing the co-founders of P&ID, Michael Quinn and Brendan Cahill, in Nigeria.

Biz Watch Nigeria also investigates some of the allegations raised against Michael Quinn and Brendan Cahill, by media and others in Nigeria.

An excerpt:

“Nigeria has, of course, seen its fair share of larger-than-life characters, but Michael Quinn deserves an honourable mention on any list. His rock-n-roll heritage led to a career in business, commodities, project management, and involvement in some of Nigeria’s most ambitious – and controversial – infrastructure deals of the past 30 years. Quinn may be best known in Nigeria for being the co-founder of P&ID, involved in a gas flaring project that collapsed following the Nigerian government’s failure to uphold the terms of the agreement. This has led to Nigeria’s most difficult overseas investor challenge in its history: namely, the world’s largest arbitration award of over $9.5 billion. What’s not really understood by most Nigerians is the full story on Michael Quinn – and his business partner, Brendan Cahill – and their business adventures here in Nigeria.”

Read the full Biz Watch Nigeria story, here.