P&ID is a “shadowy”, and “fake” “shell company” that made a “fraudulent arrangement” that is “totally skewed against Nigeria” and was done without the “input or knowledge” of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and the International Oil Companies (IOCs) supplying the gas.

P&ID is a sole purpose company founded in 2006 by Michael Quinn and Brendan Cahill, who have a long track-record of successful public works projects in Nigeria. Moreover, the agreement P&ID had with the Nigerian government is well-documented and provided the government with ample opportunity to provide input and affect decisions. To begin, Article 9 of the GSPA establishes that a Joint Operating Committee had been set up on 22 July 2009, “comprising of two representatives from the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and two representatives from NNPC nominated by the Government and two representatives nominated by P&ID.” In a letter from the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, signed by Mrs. Grace E.O. Taija for the Minister of Petroleum Resources, to the Department of Petroleum Resources on 15 January 2010, states “The Hon. Minister of Petroleum Resources has approved the Agreement.”  In a follow-up letter from P&ID to the Group Managing Director of NNPC, dated 14 May 2010, reporting on the progress of the project, the Group Managing Director of the NNPC verifies receipt of the letter and notes, “Please proceed as prayed and appraise me subsequently.” Moreover, minutes from a Ministerial Stakeholders meeting on the P&ID project from 10 August 2010 confirm the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary directed the National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS) to “obtain a Letter of Undertaking from Addax Petroleum confirming that 150MMSCuFD of associated Wet Gas from OML123 will be made available to P&ID in conformity with the Government’s obligations under the terms of the Definitive Agreement dated 11th January, 2010 with P&ID.” The facts could not be clearer that P&ID is a real company poised to do real good for the people and government of Nigeria.